Editorial Feature: Crescent

Editorial Feature: Crescent

September Editorial

Canada Day Gifts

In celebration of Canada Day we're announcing the launch of a series of great Canadian pieces perfect for gifting to family and friends. Among the items include post cards & posters donning majestic landscapes, with pins & stickers solidifying your stamp of pride.  Canada Day is a time where we can show unwavering pride for our country, which is why we created a collection of accessories to do just that. With our beautiful scenery and classic designs, we can be proud to celebrate that Home is Canada   Preview the full collection 

Canadian Babes FT. Torri Webster & Aryanna & Justine

Peace Collective is working with Mary Young to create women's intimates that allow the community to show their Canadian pride. Together we curated a photoshoot with some of our favourite Canadian Babes and asked them about their passions and what they love about our nation.  Torri Webster What does the concept of chasing your passion mean to you? + What do you love about Canada? Chasing my passions means taking risks, making sacrifices and following my intuition. It means that work never feels like work, and that everyday is another creative endeavour.  I love Canada because we get to experience four different seasons. I love crisp fall mornings, frosty winter nights, and hot summer adventures. I also love that our maple syrup is fresh af.  Aryanna Fargol What does the concept of chasing your passion mean to you? + What do you love about Canada? Chasing my passion means accepting life's transience and going after what makes me feel alive. What I love about Canada is usually what's most associated with our country; and that's diversity, opportunity and sense of community. Justine Nelson What does the concept of chasing your passion mean to you? + What do you love about Canada? Chasing your passion. That is something very prevalent in my life now and has been for as long as I can remember. I think chasing a dream shows people's strength, patients and stamina. It's easy to give up if a certain "dream" is taking too long. But for me, the most inspiring people are the ones who, even without results yet, keep going. What I love most about Canada is it's inclusivity. Here we accept and celebrate everyone in all shapes and forms. It's beautiful how colourful we are.  View the full collection

Canadian Babe FT. Margaux & Tara

Margaux  1. You two met through social media; how did your friendship progress from 'insta friends' to real life friends? Tara and I have really similar personalities and we’re both bilingual (English and French), so it was hard for us not to become friends.  2. What are two things about each other you wouldn't know from following each other on social?  Tara is actually an old granny who loves to stay in and watch Netflix, which is another reason that we became friends, since I’m the same. She’s also a really great listener. It’s easy for me to talk about happy or funny things with most of my friends, but when it comes to more serious topics, I don’t share with everyone. Tara is great at listening when I need to talk and can give me some perspective on the situation. 3. What is a normal hang out look like for you two? Yesss, we love to brunch!  4. Favourite place in Canada? Honestly, I haven’t travelled to many places in Canada, but every time I travel abroad, I’m so happy when I come home to Toronto. We have great food and so many different neighbourhoods, it’s hard to get bored of the city!   5. East or West coast? East coast, but only because I haven’t ever been to the West coast. I really want to visit Vancouver some time soon though!  6. Why are you proud to be Canadian?  Canada is very diverse: from coast to coast, you can experience such different things. You can have a city experience, but also go hiking in mountains. The landscape is really vast, so it gives us the opportunity to see so many different things.   Tara 1. You two met through social media; how did your friendship progress from 'insta friends' to real life friends? Margaux and I actually connected because of my boyfriend. Him and I were looking for people to collaborate with, so he had reached out to Margaux. We instantly clicked, so I'm not able to pin point a specific moment! When you know, you know!  2. What are two things about each other you wouldn't know from following each other on social?  Her room is not as clean as her Instagram leads one to believe!  She's actually a very giving person. It's really easy to be fake on social media, but Margaux has proven herself to me on numerous occasions!    3. What is a normal hang out look like for you two? Hanging in the park with my two dogs or going to local markets! Brunch is a big one too... We actually went to Maman one of the first times we hung out. We'll take pictures for an hour and then inevitably eat cold food.  4. Favourite place in Canada? Woah, that's a hard one. I'm from Montreal, so there's an attachment to the European way of things and I also miss the architecture. I never really understood when people labeled Montreal as European, but now that I live in Toronto, I see what they meant.  I love Toronto though, so much has happened in the year I've been here - amazing people and opportunities have come my way, so it's too hard to choose!  5. East or West coast? East coast.    6. Why are you proud to be Canadian?  The diversity. I love that I can meet people from all over the world with cool heritage stories and eat foods from different cultures!

Canadian Babe FT. Jodi & Jose

You two are coming up on your first anniversary; what have you learned in your first year of marriage? To be honest, not much changes once it becomes official. We’d been together for 7 years before getting married so we’ve changed a lot as individuals throughout our relationship but we always grow together. If anything, we’re closer now because we’ve become more understanding of each other. I try to think in terms of what’s best for us, instead of what’s best for me (even if that means getting the smaller bathroom and closet) - Jose   How does dating differ from marriage? Dating isn’t necessarily your future. It’s a time when you need to go out and experience the world and get to know yourself first. If you don’t know yourself, you may be in for some surprises once you’re in a committed relationship.   With you both being in the public eye, how does that affect your relationship? We try to set boundaries to make sure we’re both on the same page regarding what we share on social media. If someone isn’t comfortable we automatically default to that person’s intuition. We haven’t really done much as a couple on social media, our accounts are pretty separate but we do have some fun projects together this summer. Come back and ask us then ;   Where is your favourite place in Canada to travel together? To visit family and friends in Nova Scotia.   If you had to move, east coast or west coast? West Coast. A city like Vancouver fits our lifestyle best. We love being outdoors and taking in nature but at the same time we love being close to city culture. Good food is everything to us.   Why are you proud to be Canadian? Free health care, same-sex marriage, it’s multi-cultural and of course Ketchup Chips.      

S/S16 Women's Collection

Today we are proud to announce a new line to our family.  "Canadian Classics" a premium line by Peace Collective. An elevated line of Canadian made excellence.  With this initial women's SS16 collection our goal was to create timeless feminine silhouettes that are Canadian built from start to finish. We took inspiration from the empowered woman in our community to create an elevated product with the goal of giving our ladies a fashionable outlet to be bale to show pride in where they come from. With our Canadian Classic collection we have introduced top quality fabrication with premium materials such as bamboo and lycra for a heavenly feel with a touch of elasticity for comfort + style. Our initial Summer Sixteen offering includes new silhouettes (Bamboo tanks, bamboo scooped + boxy tees) as well as tote bags with a thick canvas construction and cropped sweaters made of 100% cotton for a breezy summer night.   While putting this project together we had the pleasure of working with the lovely Jodi Blk, Lina Junior and Mary Young. These ladies are our muses, we wanted the women we worked with to embody everything Peace Collective stands for. They work hard in strive of their dreams, no matter how big or far reaching they might be. Read their full interviews on how they stay so passionate and what keeps them motivated: Jodi Blk Lina Junior Mary Young and check out the lookbook for the collection here.  

Peace Collective - Spring/Summer 16 collection

 As the snow and ice-glazed roads across Canada begin to melt, we rejoice and proudly announce the new Peace Collective S/S 16 collection. This season we bring back our staple slogans adding a fresher tone to emulate the light colours blossoming in Spring. We’re introducing new softer colour-ways like pink and olive green along with the neutrals: white, black and grey. Our new colours and new silhouettes add variation for everyone in the community to rep Canadian. The collection introduces new Spring outerwear including a washed-out jean jacket, a black quilted coat, and a new redesign of our varsity bombers in pink, olive, and black. Spring brings along a cool breeze and it's perfect for the new light and ready-to-wear jackets. We’re bringing back our original designs with a twist. We’ve used new colours paired with classic slogans for a whole new way to add vibrancy to your wardrobe. You’ll find our popular verbiage such as ‘Canadian Built’ and ‘Canadian As Fuck’ on olive tanks, as well as ‘Home is Canada’ and ‘Toronto vs Everybody’ tees with modern striped sleeves. Peace Collective is excited to launch our new collection, further highlighting our #MyCanada to create a platform for Canadians to express their pride and good will. While we share our #MyCanada story, we want to share the community's story too. We've worked with amazing people to bring this project to life and we've asked about what drives them. We want to know what fuels people to get up in the morning and shoot for the stars. So we asked the team working on this collection what's your #MyCanada story?  Bianca Scarlatto, the lead photographer and creative for the shoot (pictured below) gave us a sweet and simple portrait of what passion means to her.  "Chasing a passion means doing whatever it takes. You'll get tired and want to give up but you'll never do it."  This type of energy is what we find so often in the community. The understanding that no matter what life throws at you, we move forward in spite of it all. We push and keep working because we know that together we can accomplish something greater and bigger than what we are. It's the drive to do something beneficial not just for yourself, but for everybody. And this common theme is so integral with our community.  Lisa Diep, the Director of Operations explains "this is why we started all of this. It was never just about the clothing or looking cool. We want to do something amazing for everybody to be a part of and that goes back to our core values." The team never want to stray away from what made us take the first step towards Peace Collective. We ensure to keep our values strong and continue to spread Canadian pride no matter where this crazy journey takes us.  To the community, we thank you for your constant support and we hope you enjoy the new S/S16 collection.  Peace and Love, Peace Collective

Mendocino x Peace Collective capsule collection

We’ve partnered with Toronto-based women’s brand Mendocino to create a brand new capsule collection! The capsule takes a new approach merging Peace Collective’s minimalism with Mendocino’s femininity. Our collections have been unisex and we've  teamed up with Mendocino, a powerhouse in women’s clothing, to create top quality designs and fabrication. We wanted to create pieces to expand the variation in our silhouettes allowing more Canada in your wardrobe. These pieces can be dressed up paired with great skinnies and a leather jacket for a night out, or dressed down with slouchy cardigans and tapered sweats. Whatever your style, this capsule collection will become a staple item from day to night. Peace Collective has partnered with Mendocino on this project because of the mark they’ve made on the Toronto community. We asked Mendocino to tell us what their #MyCanada story is, explaining where the brand’s spirit and passion lies: "We are passionate about the Toronto community that we have called home since 1987. We are inspired by the diversity in the city and in Canada because it manifests itself in our clients and how we view the world. By keeping an open mind to our surroundings in the retail landscape, we have been able to re-invent ourselves and stay relevant for almost 30 years. "In the late 1980s the Toronto women’s fashion scene was very different. We felt there was a true void in the marketplace for affordable fashion that was relevant to our customer’s lifestyle. Additionally, we found there wasn’t really an exciting environment to shop in for fashion at that time. We wanted to provide a great environment, trend driven fashion with exceptional customer service at our boutique. We also have always prided ourselves on having a company that reflects our core values of integrity, honesty, respectfulness and giving back to the Toronto communities our stores are in. Mendocino to this day still works to give the women of Toronto that same experience. In one word, the journey so far has been rewarding. That’s the main thing really, in the people we have been able to work with over the years, creative and otherwise. We’ve also been challenged in many ways and have met almost every challenge successfully. Nothing is as rewarding as that. We’ve definitely had to regroup over the years, especially recently with the change in the marketplace. We had to go back to the essence of Mendocino, which always makes us stronger. We’re proud to be competing with the top of the top in the industry, but it also makes us really have to focus that much more. The customer today is so aware of the latest trends, that we are pushed to be totally on top of our game. We always have believed however that competition makes you better. It challenges us to stay fresh and new. We’re thankful that we’ve been able to consistently stay connected to our customer over the years in an industry that constantly demands change." Mendocino has such a strong personality and core we found it important to reflect that even in creating  When brainstorming to create look-book shots with Mendocino, we had the wonderful idea of producing two separate photoshoots. One photoshoot lead by our team to capture our aesthetic and personality, and another lead by the Mendocino team to represent their branding. With two photoshoots, we’ve created a dialogue between each brand’s creativity, which is tied together by the pieces found in both shoots. Everything about  the shoot is meant to represent a part of Peace Collective’s core, from location, models and creative direction. Our visuals take on a clean look making use of the cement greys and white brick walls in the space. To add dimension we’ve incorporated greenery and black leathers on the models. We were lucky to have the opportunity to work with the talented Zoe Colivas of Sutherland and Sadie Ames of Elmer Olsen, who represent all things Canadian. We asked the girls what their #MyCanada is; explaining their passions and what it means to call Canada their home. As full time Canadian fashion models Zoe and Sadie have very similiar core values. Zoe puts importance on health and Sadie sees the world as hers to explore, both living quite passionate lifestyles. “Once I've set my mind to something I am determined to accomplish it. I would say this is what keeps me driven. It would also have to be my incredibly supportive family and friends that keep me grounded and driven to follow my dreams! The more opportunities I’ve had to travel the world, the more I appreciate Canada, and more specifically, Toronto. There is something to be said when you travel and every person embraces you with open arms solely because you are Canadian. I could go on and on about how proud I am to be Canadian. It really means everything to me to call Canada home." - Zoe Colivas' #MyCanada "I am passionate about travelling and being able to live every moment to the fullest. I want to find myself lost in the rich pockets of the world and immerse myself within unfamiliar culture. I am so excited to be heading on a backpacking trip to South East Asia to fill this dream. Modelling has opened me up to experiences I'd never dreamed possible, while enhancing my curiosity of the world. The more travel opportunities I embark on the more motivated I become to continue my passion and prepare for the next adventure. Knowing that I have my friends, family and Canada to call home is all the support I need. Canada is my backbone while traveling and it's a place I'm always proud to come home to." - Sadie Ames' #MyCanada We also had photographer, Sean Pollock (pictured below) who led this shoot chime in and share his #MyCanada story. “I’m passionate about photography” Sean explains. “I stay driven by the feeling of success and seeing my ideas come to fruition with hard work and planning. Other people’s passions and energies fuels me and calling Canada home also helps. It means I can be as Canadian as I can be, whether or not that’s the ability to be my complete self, or allowing me to wear a ton of plaid all the time.” Working with an all-Canadian team and hearing their #MyCanada stories has brought light on how much positivity each person can bring to our community. Collectively we strive to bring national pride, passion and charity which ties perfectly together in this Mendocino x Peace Collective capsule collection. The Mendocino x Peace Collective capsule collection is out now! Look for it in all Mendocino stores across the GTA.  Credits:  Photographer: Sean Pollock Models: Zoe Colivas and Sadie Ames Mendocino x Peace Collective capsule collection 2016