S/S16 Women's Collection

Today we are proud to announce a new line to our family.  "Canadian Classics" a premium line by Peace Collective. An elevated line of Canadian made excellence. 

With this initial women's SS16 collection our goal was to create timeless feminine silhouettes that are Canadian built from start to finish. We took inspiration from the empowered woman in our community to create an elevated product with the goal of giving our ladies a fashionable outlet to be bale to show pride in where they come from.

With our Canadian Classic collection we have introduced top quality fabrication with premium materials such as bamboo and lycra for a heavenly feel with a touch of elasticity for comfort + style.

Our initial Summer Sixteen offering includes new silhouettes (Bamboo tanks, bamboo scooped + boxy tees) as well as tote bags with a thick canvas construction and cropped sweaters made of 100% cotton for a breezy summer night.  

While putting this project together we had the pleasure of working with the lovely Jodi Blk, Lina Junior and Mary Young. These ladies are our muses, we wanted the women we worked with to embody everything Peace Collective stands for. They work hard in strive of their dreams, no matter how big or far reaching they might be.

Read their full interviews on how they stay so passionate and what keeps them motivated:

Jodi Blk

Lina Junior

Mary Young

and check out the lookbook for the collection here.