Canadian Babe FT. Jodi & Jose

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You two are coming up on your first anniversary; what have you learned in your first year of marriage?

To be honest, not much changes once it becomes official. We’d been together for 7 years before getting married so we’ve changed a lot as individuals throughout our relationship but we always grow together. If anything, we’re closer now because we’ve become more understanding of each other. I try to think in terms of what’s best for us, instead of what’s best for me (even if that means getting the smaller bathroom and closet) - Jose


How does dating differ from marriage?

Dating isn’t necessarily your future. It’s a time when you need to go out and experience the world and get to know yourself first. If you don’t know yourself, you may be in for some surprises once you’re in a committed relationship.


With you both being in the public eye, how does that affect your relationship?

We try to set boundaries to make sure we’re both on the same page regarding what we share on social media. If someone isn’t comfortable we automatically default to that person’s intuition. We haven’t really done much as a couple on social media, our accounts are pretty separate but we do have some fun projects together this summer. Come back and ask us then ;


Where is your favourite place in Canada to travel together?

To visit family and friends in Nova Scotia.


If you had to move, east coast or west coast?

West Coast. A city like Vancouver fits our lifestyle best. We love being outdoors and taking in nature but at the same time we love being close to city culture. Good food is everything to us.


Why are you proud to be Canadian?

Free health care, same-sex marriage, it’s multi-cultural and of course Ketchup Chips.