Peace Collective - Spring/Summer 16 collection

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 As the snow and ice-glazed roads across Canada begin to melt, we rejoice and proudly announce the new Peace Collective S/S 16 collection. This season we bring back our staple slogans adding a fresher tone to emulate the light colours blossoming in Spring. We’re introducing new softer colour-ways like pink and olive green along with the neutrals: white, black and grey.

Our new colours and new silhouettes add variation for everyone in the community to rep Canadian. The collection introduces new Spring outerwear including a washed-out jean jacket, a black quilted coat, and a new redesign of our varsity bombers in pink, olive, and black. Spring brings along a cool breeze and it's perfect for the new light and ready-to-wear jackets.

We’re bringing back our original designs with a twist. We’ve used new colours paired with classic slogans for a whole new way to add vibrancy to your wardrobe. You’ll find our popular verbiage such as ‘Canadian Built’ and ‘Canadian As Fuck’ on olive tanks, as well as ‘Home is Canada’ and ‘Toronto vs Everybody’ tees with modern striped sleeves. Peace Collective is excited to launch our new collection, further highlighting our #MyCanada to create a platform for Canadians to express their pride and good will.

While we share our #MyCanada story, we want to share the community's story too. We've worked with amazing people to bring this project to life and we've asked about what drives them. We want to know what fuels people to get up in the morning and shoot for the stars. So we asked the team working on this collection what's your #MyCanada story? 

Bianca Scarlatto, the lead photographer and creative for the shoot (pictured below) gave us a sweet and simple portrait of what passion means to her. 

"Chasing a passion means doing whatever it takes. You'll get tired and want to give up but you'll never do it." 

This type of energy is what we find so often in the community. The understanding that no matter what life throws at you, we move forward in spite of it all. We push and keep working because we know that together we can accomplish something greater and bigger than what we are. It's the drive to do something beneficial not just for yourself, but for everybody. And this common theme is so integral with our community. 

Lisa Diep, the Director of Operations explains "this is why we started all of this. It was never just about the clothing or looking cool. We want to do something amazing for everybody to be a part of and that goes back to our core values."

The team never want to stray away from what made us take the first step towards Peace Collective. We ensure to keep our values strong and continue to spread Canadian pride no matter where this crazy journey takes us. 

To the community, we thank you for your constant support and we hope you enjoy the new S/S16 collection. 

Peace and Love, Peace Collective