Mendocino x Peace Collective capsule collection

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We’ve partnered with Toronto-based women’s brand Mendocino to create a brand new capsule collection! The capsule takes a new approach merging Peace Collective’s minimalism with Mendocino’s femininity. Our collections have been unisex and we've  teamed up with Mendocino, a powerhouse in women’s clothing, to create top quality designs and fabrication. We wanted to create pieces to expand the variation in our silhouettes allowing more Canada in your wardrobe. These pieces can be dressed up paired with great skinnies and a leather jacket for a night out, or dressed down with slouchy cardigans and tapered sweats. Whatever your style, this capsule collection will become a staple item from day to night.

Peace Collective has partnered with Mendocino on this project because of the mark they’ve made on the Toronto community. We asked Mendocino to tell us what their #MyCanada story is, explaining where the brand’s spirit and passion lies:

"We are passionate about the Toronto community that we have called home since 1987. We are inspired by the diversity in the city and in Canada because it manifests itself in our clients and how we view the world. By keeping an open mind to our surroundings in the retail landscape, we have been able to re-invent ourselves and stay relevant for almost 30 years.

"In the late 1980s the Toronto women’s fashion scene was very different. We felt there was a true void in the marketplace for affordable fashion that was relevant to our customer’s lifestyle. Additionally, we found there wasn’t really an exciting environment to shop in for fashion at that time. We wanted to provide a great environment, trend driven fashion with exceptional customer service at our boutique. We also have always prided ourselves on having a company that reflects our core values of integrity, honesty, respectfulness and giving back to the Toronto communities our stores are in. Mendocino to this day still works to give the women of Toronto that same experience.

In one word, the journey so far has been rewarding. That’s the main thing really, in the people we have been able to work with over the years, creative and otherwise. We’ve also been challenged in many ways and have met almost every challenge successfully. Nothing is as rewarding as that.

We’ve definitely had to regroup over the years, especially recently with the change in the marketplace. We had to go back to the essence of Mendocino, which always makes us stronger. We’re proud to be competing with the top of the top in the industry, but it also makes us really have to focus that much more.

The customer today is so aware of the latest trends, that we are pushed to be totally on top of our game. We always have believed however that competition makes you better. It challenges us to stay fresh and new. We’re thankful that we’ve been able to consistently stay connected to our customer over the years in an industry that constantly demands change."

Mendocino has such a strong personality and core we found it important to reflect that even in creating 

When brainstorming to create look-book shots with Mendocino, we had the wonderful idea of producing two separate photoshoots. One photoshoot lead by our team to capture our aesthetic and personality, and another lead by the Mendocino team to represent their branding. With two photoshoots, we’ve created a dialogue between each brand’s creativity, which is tied together by the pieces found in both shoots.

Everything about  the shoot is meant to represent a part of Peace Collective’s core, from location, models and creative direction. Our visuals take on a clean look making use of the cement greys and white brick walls in the space. To add dimension we’ve incorporated greenery and black leathers on the models. We were lucky to have the opportunity to work with the talented Zoe Colivas of Sutherland and Sadie Ames of Elmer Olsen, who represent all things Canadian.

We asked the girls what their #MyCanada is; explaining their passions and what it means to call Canada their home. As full time Canadian fashion models Zoe and Sadie have very similiar core values. Zoe puts importance on health and Sadie sees the world as hers to explore, both living quite passionate lifestyles.

“Once I've set my mind to something I am determined to accomplish it. I would say this is what keeps me driven. It would also have to be my incredibly supportive family and friends that keep me grounded and driven to follow my dreams! The more opportunities I’ve had to travel the world, the more I appreciate Canada, and more specifically, Toronto. There is something to be said when you travel and every person embraces you with open arms solely because you are Canadian. I could go on and on about how proud I am to be Canadian. It really means everything to me to call Canada home." - Zoe Colivas' #MyCanada

"I am passionate about travelling and being able to live every moment to the fullest. I want to find myself lost in the rich pockets of the world and immerse myself within unfamiliar culture. I am so excited to be heading on a backpacking trip to South East Asia to fill this dream. Modelling has opened me up to experiences I'd never dreamed possible, while enhancing my curiosity of the world. The more travel opportunities I embark on the more motivated I become to continue my passion and prepare for the next adventure. Knowing that I have my friends, family and Canada to call home is all the support I need. Canada is my backbone while traveling and it's a place I'm always proud to come home to." - Sadie Ames' #MyCanada

We also had photographer, Sean Pollock (pictured below) who led this shoot chime in and share his #MyCanada story.

“I’m passionate about photography” Sean explains. “I stay driven by the feeling of success and seeing my ideas come to fruition with hard work and planning. Other people’s passions and energies fuels me and calling Canada home also helps. It means I can be as Canadian as I can be, whether or not that’s the ability to be my complete self, or allowing me to wear a ton of plaid all the time.”

Working with an all-Canadian team and hearing their #MyCanada stories has brought light on how much positivity each person can bring to our community. Collectively we strive to bring national pride, passion and charity which ties perfectly together in this Mendocino x Peace Collective capsule collection.

The Mendocino x Peace Collective capsule collection is out now! Look for it in all Mendocino stores across the GTA. 

Photographer: Sean Pollock
Models: Zoe Colivas and Sadie Ames

Mendocino x Peace Collective capsule collection 2016