Team Canada pt.2: What Drives Your Passions?

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John Molina

Team Canada is stood strong amongst 207 countries showcasing what our country is capable of. Peace Collective checked in with a few Olympians to find out what made them proud to represent Canada in this year's Olympics.

Danielle Lappage - Wrestling 

What does the concept of chasing your passion mean to you?

It is a blessing that I am able to chase my passion. I think that chasing ones passion makes for a happy, fulfilling, and successful life. For me personally, I am able to wake up every day excited to live the day- to connect to people, to improve and use the skills I have been given in the sport of wrestling to make myself and those around me better people, and to inspire and encourage others. I know many others are not able or provided with the opportunities to pursue their passions, and because of that, I know I am so very lucky and I am so very thankful every single day that I am able to do so.  

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

So many things...The beauty and diversity of the landscapes. The diversity of the people. The fact that it is home to some of the kindest, most generous, smartest, and most talented people. The rights and freedoms that we have.

Kylie Masse - Aquatics

What does the concept of chasing your passion mean to you?

To me chasing your passion means enjoying and loving what you do. Swimming is my passion, I enjoy going to practice each day and swimming, I enjoy competing and racing and the camaraderie that comes with the sport. Having passions, no matter what they are, provide an individual with happiness and hope. I think passions allow you to experience new opportunities, learn new skills and accomplish goals.

What makes you proud to be Canadian?

The Canadian people, our heart, our humbleness, our confidence. The landscape of our country from the west coast to the east coast is stunning. The support and gratitude that Canadians express is amazing. I am super proud and honoured to be able to wear the maple leaf and represent this amazing country. 

Images via SFU + Windsor Sun

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