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Peace Community: Michelle Wong

Hi my name is Michelle Wong and this is #MyCanada. I was born in Jamaica and moved to Canada when I was four years old. I currently reside in downtown Toronto in an apartment which has a beautiful view of the city. Although I sometimes imagine what life would be like if I had never left Jamaica, and lived in warm weather on a Caribbean beach, I still find myself feeling very blessed every day. I am in love with this city Toronto and believe that no matter where you are, you can always practice gratitude; my mantra in life is to expect nothing and appreciate everything. Toronto has been a wonderful city where I can connect with like-minded individuals from...
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Team Canada pt.2: What Drives Your Passions?

Team Canada is stood strong amongst 207 countries showcasing what our country is capable of. Peace Collective checked in with a few Olympians to find out what made them proud to represent Canada in this year's Olympics.
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