Peace Community: Jade Jager Clark

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Hi my name is Jade Jager Clark and this is #MyCanada story.

27. Born in Toronto. Raised in The Netherlands. Moved back to Canada when I was 8. Started a business at 18 in Brampton, Ontario. I appreciate the opportunities that Canada offers to pursue passion because it's not that easy to just open a business at any age in Holland. I appreciate the multiculturalism and acceptance of diversity and how we get along. Very different from the National European mindsets I grew up with. I fought hard to make the business a success while overcoming adversity of being a young female entrepreneur offering a dance school with programs in hip hop dance for youth. Which 10 years ago was still very much looked down upon and met with many prejudices and stereotypes regarding the genre/style of dance and abilities of young people. I persisted, grew my business, raised the profile of authentic hip hop dance and gave my youth an opportunity to perform all over southern Ontario, showing what they can do and give back to the community through charitable performances for organizations like Scarborough hospital foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, WE Day, Unity Charity and many more to Political Conventions, to Corporate events product launches for 5 Gum, Bombardier and Canada Goose. In December we Made it to the Ellen DeGeneres Show and in June we Celebrate our 10th Anniversary. You can find out more on our website follow instagram @jadejagerclark @jadeshiphopacad

The diversity in my dance studio spans 5 continents so #mycanada is about diversity, family, respect, acceptance, love, generosity, helping those less fortunate, investing in our youth and giving back to the community as much as you can and appreciating what we have. Canada is not like any other place in the world.

Never giving up. Maintaining your integrity. Standing your ground. Pushing through hurt, pain, betrayal, haters and naysayers. If you really want it you will get there and overcome any hurdles and adversity in your way. Maintaining belief in yourself is key.