Peace Community: Nohémie Mawaka

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Hi my name is Nohémie Mawaka and this is #MyCanada story.

I am a 24 year old and very recent masters of public health graduate (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver), but a proud Torontonian/Ontario citizen. Long story short, I have been in Canada for fourteen years now, and continue to work in the field of HIV/infectious disease research by working with underserved populations (mostly youth) in Canada and sub-saharan Africa.

My passion is broad and all over the place (LOL). In the field of health, my professors have tried to put into a box, but I continue to redefine the norm and challenge the system by being an advocate for more creativity to be used in academia and in global health work. That being said, I am passionate about travelling (see my personal IG: @nohemie_m), I love photography and helping people discover their inner beauty (IG: @wakashots) and more recently, digital marketing promoting the beauty of my African origins as a way to go against prejudice and stereotypes that the world holds against the african continents (IG: @envisioncongo). I am also CEO of a start-up called crtvimpact which aims to restrategize the field of health through a modern lens that aims to do good for the world. Like I said earlier, my passion is all over the place. As stated in my blog (, 'I am the jack of all trades, and the master of none'. My journey from Congo, DRC, to Canada, has given me the privilege to have a personal story that stands out and is different than everyone else's. That is why, with my passion for digital visualization and creativity, I continue to use my platform to create a dialogue about issues that matters to me and impact so many. None of my efforts would have been possible if it was not for being fortunate enough to immigrate Canada fourteen years ago. I truly started from the bottom, and now I am here (Drizzy's voice LOL!).