Thinking of Home during Fashion Month

Thinking of Home during Fashion Month

In honour of Fashion Month, we teamed up with MindOverModel to remind our traveling models that we’re so proud of them for chasing their passion.

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At Peace Collective, we’re lucky to be surrounded by people who constantly inspire us with what they do even if that means leaving home. In honour of Fashion Month, we teamed up with MindOverModel to remind our traveling models that we’re so proud of them for chasing their passion and that they’ve got a whole community rooting for them back home. We had the opportunity to send care packages to Canadian models working abroad for Fashion Month, including Grace Mahary, Jane Bradshaw, Ashley Foo, Madison Leyes, Shelby Furber, Janice Alida, Aerin V, Frederique Juneau, and Steph Smith. We know that it's difficult to travel around the world leaving behind your family and friends and through these packages we hope to remind these models of their home. 

It’s no secret that for us, home is Canada. We’ve cultivated friendships and memories in a space that so many different people pass through. For some, home may be a person or a place they’ve travelled. Really, it’s the relationship you feel with a thing, place, person, or community that gives you the drive to chase your passion. It’s knowing that, no matter where you are and what you’re doing, you always have home to come back to. 

For the friends chasing their passions around the world, we hope our survival kits reminded them that they always have Canada to call home and that we’re all rooting for them while they do great things. If you’re still trying to figure out what your passion is, there’s no rush. In the meantime, take a look at what these models have to say about what it means to chase their passion and who knows, maybe you’ll find enough inspiration in them to jump into doing what it is you love.

“It means to not let anyone tell you what you can or can’t be, or what you can or cannot do. And enjoy the ride while you’re at it!"
Ashley Foo @ASH_FOO

“Knowing that if I want something I’ve never had, I have to do something I’ve never done”

“No matter what the circumstance, you find a way to do what you love. It’s about focusing on the positive things in your life and using that to motivate you to be better, do better and try harder to accomplish your goals and never having it feel like ‘work’”
Jane Bradshaw @JANEBRADZ

Whatever chasing your passion may mean to you, we hope it keeps driving you to affect change in your lives and make Canada a place we’re proud to call home. In our models and our broader Peace Collective community, we’re happy to have found our home and to use the support we feel every day to keep chasing our passions and doing what we love.

Row 1 LTR: Grace Mahary, Jane Bradshaw, Ashley Foo
Row 2 LTR: Fred Juneau, Madison Leyes, Shelby Furber
Row 3 LTR: Grace Mahary, Shelby Furber, Jane Bradshaw, Madison Leyes 
Writer: Sarah Eskandapour