Androgyny, genderless, gender-fluid and unisex, all of these terms encompass an idea very close to our own Canadian history. Within some Indigenous cultures, those who do not follow the gender binary are considered “two-spirited”. The term has resurfaced and is now being used by many Canadians as a way of identifying themselves within this continually diversifying country. The acknowledgment of the capacity for a human to be more than their physical sex within some indigenous Canadian communities is something we should all be proud of as fellow Canadians.

Lately, when it comes to the world of clothes and fashion, Canada has been embracing androgynous style and casual wear. Canadian Instagramers and bloggers like @vanessacesario_ and @dentellefleurs are great examples of people who turn plain unisex items, like t-shirts and jeans, into a way of expressing their individual style and aesthetic.

Many of the trending pieces Canadians are wearing today are suitable for both and all genders. From white sneakers to jogger pants, toques and bomber jackets, most of the items are available in both male and female sections of a lot of stores.

We as Canadians can take some pride in the way we dress without the need to stick to gender stereotypes. Stepping out of our gender when it comes to our clothes and personal style is definitely a stronger possibility; clothing trends for men and women are being combined into one, cohesive collection. Canada is blossoming into a place where your sex and your gender don’t have to dictate the way you dress and express your uniqueness within this growingly diverse community.

Writer: Aliyah Guillemette
Editor: John Molina
Image: @mr.shoub