Our Story

The mission is simple: help combat child hunger. We hear about this everyday and we know that this is a problem - but how does one country, let alone one brand, actually do it? The movement was all started with a trip to Morocco.

Several years prior, founder Yanal Dhailieh took a volunteering opportunity overseas in Rabat, Morocco helping schools get more kids back into the classroom. In Morocco, children were often forced by their parents to panhandle in the streets to provide for the family. The schools realized that the only way to get their kids back to class was to feed them. Seeing first hand the living conditions and the astounding number of children that panhandled in the streets sparked a drive in Yanal Dhailieh to DO something, to make a change.

Dhailieh had always been passionate about fashion and the volunteering trip inspired him to connect a philanthropic aspect with fashion. What started off as a simple t-shirt for Yanal and a few friends for a sports game in 2014 grew into something much bigger only a year later. Today, Peace Collective is a proud Canadian lifestyle brand with a vision to create a national platform for creativity and pride.

The purchase of a Peace Collective garment provides two healthy meals and a snack to a child in the Canadian educational system through the Breakfast for Learning organization.