The best way to reduce anxiety in times like these is to start thinking about what you can do for other people. Did you know that one of the worst impacts of COVID-19 has been to our Food banks? Increased demand for food and decreased volunteers due to self-isolation has made it impossible for these critical organizations to function. As Canadians' it's our duty to help.

We at Peace Collective will be shifting donations and charitable initiatives to supporting our local food banks. For every garment sold from Home Is.. collection, we will provide 3 meals to those in need through our partner food banks. You can find more info below <3 

Daily Bread Food Bank 

Daily Bread supplies food to nearly 200 food programs across Toronto. Through it's research and advocacy, they've become a key thought leader locally, provincially and nationally on issues about hunger, life on low income, housing and income security. Learn more

Greater Vancouver Food Bank

On a mission to help alleviate hunger, the GVFB is committed to provide healthy food to those in need through a vision of fair and effective food systems in the community. Learn more

Edmonton's Food Bank

As Canada's first food bank, Edmonton's Food Bank collects food from grocery stores, Food producers, and warehouses that is edible (but not marketable) and distributes it to those less fortunate in the community. Learn more

Calgary Food Bank

For families and individuals facing a crisis, the Calgary Food Bank is the first line of emergency food support. On a mission to fight hunger in their community, they work with hundreds of other charitable organizations that address the root cause of food insecurity. Learn more

Ottawa Food Bank

With their main goal being to provide emergency food relief to people in need, the Ottawa Food Bank provides fresh and non perishable food, as well as supplies such as diapers, toiletries, and cleaning supplies to its network of over 1000 emergency food programs across the city. Learn more

Moisson Montreal

This charitable organization gathers food donations and basic products all year long, and distributes them free of charge to community organizations in Montreal. Learn more

Parker Street Food & Furniture Bank

Dedicated to improving the lives of those in need in the community, the Parker Street Food Bank distributes food, furniture and clothing for free. Learn more


Winnipeg Harvest

A not-for-profit, community-based organization that collects & shares food with people in need and help others out of poverty. Their goal is to eliminate the need for food banks and continue to feed people who are in hunger. Learn more