Souvenir Shop: Parks

Souvenir Shop: Parks

Post card-inspired designs for the home body and traveller

For every garment sold from the Parks collection, 3 meals will be donated to someone in need through our partner food banks.

Toronto Raccoon Vintage Crewneck - Grey
Algonquin Post Card Crewneck - Black
Montreal Vintage Crewneck - Grey
Algonquin Vintage Crewneck - Forest Green
Banff Post Card Crewneck - Grey
Toronto Vintage Pennant - White
Peggys Cove Post Card Crewneck - White
Ottawa Vintage Crewneck - Grey
Whistler Post Card Crewneck - Black
Toronto Vintage Mug - White
Vancouver Island Post Card Crewneck - White
Yukon Post Card Crewneck - Black
Venice Beach Post Card Crewneck - Grey
Jasper Provincial Post Card Crewneck - Grey
Stanley Park Vintage Crewneck - Grey
Vancouver Vintage Crewneck - Grey
Whistler Vintage Crewneck - Grey
Los Angeles Vintage Crewneck - Grey
New York City Post Card Crewneck - Black
Canadian Prairies Post Card Crewneck - White
Vancouver Island Vintage Crewneck - Grey
Canadian Prairies Vintage Crewneck - Forest Green
Montreal Vintage Mug - White
Algonquin Vintage Mug - White

With your help, we have donated


Our mission is to raise $1,000,000 for the causes our community is passionate about by the year 2030.