The Perfect Canada Day

The Perfect Canada Day


We live in a country that supplies us with activities all year round; long nature walks during crisp and colourful autumn afternoons, skiing in blanket white winters and relaxing afternoons on the lake where the best memories are made. Valuing the country we get to call home, in all forms. Following the frosty winters Canada is famous for, summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors sans snow. Going to the lake is something Canadians can relate to from a young age with water wings, to the later teenage years enjoying a few drinks by the fire. A day by the lake is a classic Canadian experience.

In lieu of Canada day we took a trip to the cottage with a few friends to showcase what the perfect Canadian day looks like. Grabbing a group of friends to escape the city and enjoy the great outdoors right in our backyards. Sometimes escaping the city is necessary. It's a chance to feel the fresh summer air flowing through the car windows. Blasting music that fits perfectly with the winding roads leading to the cottage, setting the day up for perfection. Abandoning all stress on the highway with each passing kilometre.

Reaching our destination is when true relaxation can take place. The day ahead is free for anything. Enjoying the simple pleasures in life, laughing with friends, indulging in the best summer snacks, and testing the waters for a quick swim. Happy and at peace, the day has been more than expected, and just what everyone needs.

Curling up by the fire after a long day of soaking in the sun calls for drinks and carefree conversation. The lakeside provides tranquillity that the urban lifestyle is not always able to offer. Roasting marshmallows, enjoying the peace that transpires after the perfect day. The contentment felt after a full day with friends, fun, and laughter is incomparable. Canadian summers fly by in the blink of an eye and you have to pack as much as possible into those long dreamy nights.

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