We are happy to announce a new initiative brought to you by the Peace Foundation in partnership with Spinco, donation based Spin classes.
Canadian Built: Johnny and Lauren Orlando Reading Spin-It-Forward 3 minutes

We are happy to announce a new initiative brought to you by the Peace Foundation in partnership with Spinco, donation based Spin classes. With our garment sales being a major contributor to child hunger within Canada we wanted to extend our reach to other organizations. This new method of giving will begin with weekly donation-based workout classes supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. In partnership with other local Canadian businesses, the first of which is Kelowna born Spinco that has now migrated east to open their second location in Toronto.

Spinco is a spin studio with a large focus on community and empowering people to be their best selves. Partnering with a studio that shares similar values is important to us, working together to support our country and empower others to be the best version of themselves is always our goal. Spinco has incorporated charitable practices into their business from the very start and we are so happy to join forces and have a lasting impact. With a clean and minimalistic studio design, the focus is on the riders experience by creating a contagious atmosphere. The classes held at Spinco are not your average workout; it is an inclusive experience with a team who motivates you throughout the entire class. The sense of community in each ride leaves you wanting more from that 45 minute long endorphin high. This Canadian made spin studio will redefine the way you workout, with various locations across Canada.

The program is all about promoting a healthy active lifestyle in order to provide the same to a Canadian child who may not normally have access to recreational sport. We wanted to choose an organization that aligned with the Peace Foundations mission in empowering Canadians to chase their passion by providing the support and resources necessary to do so. Each $10 donation provides a Canadian child with weekly access to recreational sport through the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada have been actively involved in various communities across Canada for over 100 years. Ensuring young people have a safe space to grow with their peers in order to succeed and develop healthy lifestyles. They aim to allow youth to find their passion and chase it in order to become a positive member of society. With these goals and strategies for success in all aspects of life, we are proud to support such an amazing organization.

We worked with The Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada to create a one-for-one model specifically for our Spin-It-Forward initiative; with the donation of $10 to the Peace Foundation we are able to provide weekly access to recreational sports to a Canadian child. Together we have the potential to help thousands of children each year through this program. Encouraging Canadians to support each other through healthy living to provide children with the same physical activity they are participating in. Join us every Monday at Spinco Toronto to sweat it out so a Canadian child can have the opportunity to do the same.