Canadian Built EP.1 || Norm Kelly

Norm Kelly aka "6 Dad x Peace Collective Reading Canadian Built EP.1 || Norm Kelly 1 minute Next Home is Always Canada

Episode 1 of our new Canadian Built video series is here!  We'll be travelling across the nation featuring Canadians doing amazing things for our country. The 6dad Norm Kelly graces our first episode showing us the city from his perspective and what it means to call Toronto home.

Accompanying the video will be a limited edition capsule with 100% of proceeds going towards WoodGreen. WoodGreen is one of the largest social service agencies in Toronto with programs dedicated to helping refugees in need with the resources to find a new place to live, jobs, childcare, after-school programs, etc.

Peace Collective's contributions will support Woodgreen's Newcomer Youth Services Program. This program is focused on the needs of youth who are new to Canada. The program supplies individuals between the ages 13 to 24 with a variety of settlement services. Woodgreen has been at the forefront in assisting with settling of Syrian refugees and we are excited to be doing our part to help.

For more information on the work that WoodGreen does you can visit: