Canadian Spark: The Introduction

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Written by: Radyah Khan

Canada is home to so many great philanthropic organizations - but these organizations require very special people to be fruitful in their pursuit of giving back. This is essentially what our latest section of the Peace Collective blog - Canadian Spark is going to be about - people believing in causes so much and having hearts big enough to better them.

I've just been lucky enough to be the one who gets to write about it all, and I'm pretty excited. So to start, we handpicked the name of this section to reflect the abundance of good will and good people sprinkled across this place we call home - making it a beautiful place to live and an even better place to love.

We’ll be bringing you inspirational stories about the charitable shenanigans Canadians are getting up to these days – talking about everything from your unsung neighbourhood heroin or hero, to the great new things entrepreneurs and thought leaders are doing in the non-profit space.

You should definitely come hang here if you're looking for easy reading that will remind you of how lucky we are to be living in an inclusive environment that fosters community development.

Of course, that's not the only reason you should be coming to our blog. We're excited for a couple of features we'll be putting out this summer, including our very own exploration of how people are reinventing philanthropy with fresh and innovative ways of giving back.

Best of all, you'll come across lots of info about organizations and causes that are close to your heart. We encourage you to get involved with a purpose you're passionate about, and we're excited to come along for the ride, so make sure you let us in on your latest initiatives via social.

With so many extraordinary people out there, it's time to get on top of our next post! Join us back here in two weeks for our first feature of the summer. We'll be speaking with Sheryl Sharma - Co-founder of Studio89, the Mississauga non-profit that’s not your average café.

Image via @megan.franklin