Meet Jonathan Osorio

Meet Jonathan Osorio

Tell us a little bit about yourself - for example, growing up what were your interests? Have they changed or did you always have a main concept/idea in your mind that you wanted to achieve?

As a child I always loved playing soccer and it was always my ambition to become a professional footballer. I also enjoyed playing other sports while growing up such as, basketball and baseball. 


What’s your day to day like, since it might not be the same every day, what does an overview of your week look like?

Training every morning from Tuesday to Friday, games usually on Saturday, training on Sunday, and Monday is an OFF day. Away from training I keep myself busy with different things such as meeting up with friends, having a coffee at a cafe, etc.


What first sparked your interest in soccer?

My father’s love for the sport got passed on to me. I always loved going to his soccer games to watch him play, and then go on the field at halftime to play with the other kids. 


What do you seek inspiration from when it comes to mastering your skills and ability to perform at a high level? Is it the people around you, your family, your Journey?

My family is definitely my biggest inspiration. They inspire me to be the best possible version of myself both on and off the field. I also get inspiration from other footballers around the world whom I look up to.


When the lights are dimmed down, and you have time to unwind, what can we usually find Jonathan Osorio doing?

I really enjoy doing sudoku puzzles. Some days I like to take a walk, find a bench somewhere in the park and try to finish 2-3 puzzles before calling friends to meet up.


What adversities have you faced throughout your journey to where you are today?

I have faced many adversities, most of which every footballer goes through in their careers, things like having low confidence, and not getting as much playing time as I’d like. I think my toughest test has been recently having to recover from offseason surgery.


Did you ever have moments where you felt anxious or had doubts? Where you think, maybe I’m just not cut out for this? What if something goes wrong?  

There are always times where you doubt yourself and feel anxious. It's normal, it’s part of being a human let alone being an athlete. The key is to push through those negative thoughts till you find your confidence again.


What would you say is the greatest change you’ve made that’s impacted your life?

I have learned to worry about the things that are in my control and not to let the things that are not in my control make a negative impact on myself.


Who do you turn to for advice when everything seems to get a bit too loud?

My brother Anthony. He always gives me good advice when I am not feeling great.


What would you say to all of the other young footballers out there watching you when it comes to pushing past negativity?

I would say that the bad times are only temporary as long as you work hard to get out of it, and the reward for that is always a feeling that trumps that negative feeling.


What motivates you every day, especially during times of high stress or potential burnout?

Making my family proud is what motivates me to push through hard times.


How do you balance your relationships, whether it be your friends, family, etc?

I always make time for the important things in my life like family, friends and work. I choose not to waste my time on things that cannot impact my life in a positive way.


Explain your experience coming up playing soccer in Brampton? 

It was great. There was a lot of really good competition in Brampton during the time I was growing up and it definitely helped me be where I am today.


What was it like playing for SC Toronto and then eventually Toronto FC? Did you always think you would end up on this path?

I never thought my pathway to Toronto FC would ever be what it ended up being. But I believe everything happens for a reason and I wouldn't change anything about the way I came up.


When you first found out that you would be playing for Team Canada what did you feel at that very moment? 

It was a great moment for me because it’s something I dreamed about as a kid. It happened pretty quickly after I signed for TFC so that made me very happy.


What advice would you give to a young person who intends to embark on a journey of becoming a professional athlete? But just doesn’t know where to start?

No matter where you start, all that matters is you keep working hard and believe in yourself! After that, everything will fall into place if it’s meant to be.


When you’re getting hype pre-game what can we usually find you listening to?

Some J Balvin or Drake .


What would you say your personal style is?

European/urban street style.


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Toronto is the best city in the world and I’m blessed :)


What does Home is Toronto mean to you? How has this city helped shape who you are today?

This city means everything to me. It has molded me into the person I am today, and I'm proud of that. The different kinds of people that I have been able to meet and grow up with has taught me so much about the world and how diverse it is. The people of Toronto are proud, and hardworking people, and I would describe myself as being the same way.


What about the city inspires you the most?

The unity of all different cultures. I think it is what separates us from the rest of the world and it is truly inspiring.


Where is your favourite place to be in Toronto when you have the day to yourself?

On a patio in Yorkville.