Peace Community: Stephanie Menard

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Hi my name is Stephanie Menard and this is #MyCanada

I am from Ottawa, ON, and am currently in the process of relocating to Toronto. I have studied fashion design at La Salle and makeup artistry at InterDec, both in Montreal and have followed up with studying hairstyling at La Luma Academy in Guelph. I am a freelance artist that works mostly on Editorials with diverse photographers, brands and publications. I have also taken some Communication/Media/Pop Culture classes at OttawaU in order to be able to communicate better my knowledge with my guest through publications, blogs and social media. I am very passionate about what I can achieve through those outlets which leads me to answer what Passion is to me.

Passion, to me, is the depth of emotion that you attach to something, someone or to an experience. It’s an emotion materialized through action connecting your mind and your heart as one. Passion ignites a fire in your soul, but also within the people surrounding you. It’s a symbiotic experience englobing your mind, body and spirit. A desire that cannot go unsatisfied in order to reach true inner peace and happiness. The subject of the passion can be of no interest to an individual you share your state of being with, but still ignite an emotion through the palpability of the passion itself. It’s a contagious state of being that can be sensed and shared. To me, it’s keeping a positive state of mind and the same enthusiasm even when faced with extreme adversity without doubting that it’s the right thing to do, knowing that the passion must be quenched in order to feel fulfilled as a human being. Passion is what keeps you going when all odds are against you. It’s essential to a strong business plan, a brand, a leader, and to individuals looking to live a life that is rich in emotion and experiences. I love fashion, beauty, music, and arts, but I am passionate about mindfulness and wellness brought to my guest through those outlets.