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Hi my name is Stacey Callahan and this is #MyCanada

I have been lucky enough in the past couple years to be able to do some traveling to different places and practice what I am passionate about: photography. I met my boyfriend, who lives in the USA, during my travels and we shared the same passion. We loved running around taking photos of the beauty that was all around us. We knew almost immediately that we were a perfect match. However, before we started dating, I told him I would not date him unless he was willing to move to Canada. Out of all the places I've travelled to, everyone has loved me instantly as soon as they found out I was "Canadian." And maybe I'm being bias here, but I don't think any other country can compare. So...needless to say, his first couple visits would be the determining factor of whether we would choose to attempt a long distance relationship. Now, not only am I proud to be a Canadian, but I am proud to say he LOVED Toronto and we have been happily dating for about two years. He wants to move here as soon as the government will let him, however wedding bells may have to chime first. We have discussed that one day we wish to travel across Canada to photograph every beautiful sight the country has to offer. But most importantly...first and foremost...our biggest dream is that one day we can both say "Home is Canada" I love you Canada and I love you @daylight_bombing

My pride for being Canadian began when I was in Ireland 12 year ago...I was 18. People always asked if I was American...and when I said I was Canadian, they loved me! One of the bars down there even had a Canada Day celebration. That blew me away! Generally, I think everyone looks to Canada as being a very welcoming and peaceful county. An example of this would be the accepting of refugees into our country when they had nowhere else to go.

To me...Canada is a place for opportunity. The first time my boyfriend visited from the USA he was astounded at how clean and beautiful Toronto was. He said the roads were a dream compared to all the potholes he was used too. And after going to teachers college in NY State, and travelling to numerous other was even more apparent how awesome Canada is. Many people on IG ask to come visit Toronto and for me to take them to the abandonments there...and I laugh and say there are none...Toronto is a land of opportunity...when space is available, it is bought right away and new businesses pop up. Down in the States they arent so lucky.

Additionally, there's the fact that Canada has free healthcare as compared to the States. When I heard how people have to deal with their health concerns down there, I was shocked! And I'm not even going to tackle the political state down there at the moment.

Finally, I have been lucky enough to travel to some provinces to the east of Ontario, but have yet to head west. Because photography is such a passion of mine, I look forward to one day travelling west and capturing the natural beauty that Canada has to offer. I want to be able to show off how awesome this country really is!