Peace Community: Fiona Hanna

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I’m originally from upstate New York. I left home to study at McGill and went back to US after University. But then met a lovely Canadian fellow in Colorado and ended up moving to Toronto in 2004. So I wasn’t born Canadian and I like to think I married in. I became a permanent resident in 2005 and just applied for Canadian Citizenship last month! So fingers crossed it goes well and I will get approved.

I went to McGill to study Biology and worked in research for about 8 years (in the US and Canada). But it wasn’t for me, so in 2010 I went back to school to study Textiles at Sheridan College! Since graduating I started my own small business producing small batch accessories for men and women. Its a tough life being an entrepreneur and a little lonely too but I am love making my own patterns, printing them on fabrics and producing a finishing product. One of more recent patterns is a street view map of Queen West, Toronto that I abstracted and turned into a pattern for a little hometown pride.

So there you have it! For me, Home in Toronto!