Peace Community: Courtney Rich

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Hi, my name is Courtney Rich and this is #MyCanada

My Canada is still fairly new. I've been living in Ontario since January 2014, and have been an official Permanent Resident since November 2014. I was born and raised in the States, near Philadelphia. In March 2013 I met a boy who lived in New York, slowly fell in love and came to find he was from Canada. He moved back, and a year later I followed. I came to Canada to follow my heart and haven't been more sure and proud of a decision like this in my life. As each day passes I grow more and more in love with my (now) husband and I also fall more in love with this country. I am working towards becoming a citizen of Canada and I know it will be an amazing feeling when that day comes. I will always have a connection to the States and I will always be American, but I feel so lucky and fortunate to be able to expand my feelings of pride to America's neighbouring country and to be able to one day call myself a Canadian too.

#mycanada is only just beginning. I have so much to explore in this amazingly beautiful country and can't wait to see all that it has to offer. My husband was born in Vancouver and all I ever hear about it is how gorgeous it is and I keep bugging my husband to take me there. #mycanada is exploring for a lifetime with my husband and our future family.

Chasing my passions of love and family has brought me to Canada, so it is something I believe in wholeheartedly. I also had just finished my first year working as a Speech-Language Pathologist before moving here. Before that, I was committed to Graduate School for 3 years, chasing my passion for helping others. Although I've had to take a break from working in my career, I wouldn't trade any of what I've gone through to get here and be living in Canada with the love of my life.