Canadian Built - Girls Only

Canadian Built - Girls Only

The women behind Girls Only embody the vision of the collection; to inspire and empower women across Canada.

The women behind Girls Only embody the vision of the collection; to inspire and empower women across Canada. This Girl Gang include some of the many amazing girls we want to encourage to chase their passions. They are all doing extraordinary things for the community in hopes to inspire and support others in Canada and beyond. 

Alyssa Bertram: Founder of Easy. 

Alyssa is the founder of a feminine hygiene delivery service called Easy that aims to make your life much easier. She is determined to start a conversation with women about their bodies and how they can let go of the shame and feel empowered. Her focus is self-worth, encouraging other strong independent women to support one another in their career and personal growth. Stay tuned for a full interview with Alyssa coming soon!

MJ DeCoteau: Founder of Rethink Breast Cancer

MJ has restructured the way people approach Breast Cancer, founding one of the most innovative non-profits called ReThink Breast Cancer. The genetic disease has personally impacted many people across the country, which is why creating a platform that supports and educates others is so important. MJ has improved the lives of those with breast cancer through the work ReThink does. She has surely left a mark by impacting those living with breast cancer, and those indirectly affected by it. 


Taveeta Szymanowicz: Artist

The moment she walks into a room you feel like you’ve been friends for years. Her electric energy fills any space with positivity. Taveeta is a one-woman powerhouse that is always on the go. Her passion has her dancing, acting and singing all around the city and beyond. She has created a platform called 'Veeta Girl' as a way to empower young girls and 'Liberum Dance Project' to empower dancers while giving back to charity. Check out the full interview we did with Taveeta last year to read more about her inspiring journey through the arts.


Liz Trinnear: Television Host

Liz Trinnear has earned herself a spot on one of the most prestigious entertainment networks in Canada. Brushing shoulders with iconic Canadians and Hollywood's elite, her personality allows for magnetic and comfortable interactions.  Her quick wit and charisma have allowed her to move smoothly through the industry while remaining unapologetically herself. 



Christina Cheng: Creative Multi-Hyphenate 

Christina wears many hats; social media strategist, content creator, stylist, and mother. She prefers the term creative multi-hyphenate to embody all her accomplishments. Rotating between various creative agencies throughout the city on a daily basis, she always has multiple exciting projects on the go. When she isn’t pushing creative boundaries she is raising the next generation.