Madison Schill

Mind Over Model

Jennifer Brake

—Tackling the stigma
of mental Illness

Amanda Yeung

—Taking strides to help others
in the community

Lacey Koughan

—A European trip that
changed her life forever

Maryam Jafari

—Finding a sense of home
here in Canada

Jordan Bishop

—How exploring the world
has strengthened his Canadian pride

Nick Peciak

—How music has fuelled his passions
to keep pursuing his dream

Kristina Elin

—A College professor
living a loving and caring life

Maliha Gangat

—Moving from a third-world country
to Canada

Nohémie Mawaka

—Jack-of-all trades
looking to create positive change

Jade Clark

—Pushing her boundaries
to run a successful dance studio

Allison Miceli

—Spreading awareness
on the vibrant run community

Laura Hesp

—Helping feed the homeless

Lauren Spitznagel

—Traveling around the world
to develop her photography

Nicole Gould

—Raising awareness
on mental illness

Courtney Rich

—How love brought her to Canada

Deanna Lentini

—Founding Director of FixThe6ix

Jill Sader

—Passionate about people
and the diversity here in Canada

Fiona Hanna

—Started a textile business

Angela Switzer

—Living in USA
spreading Canadian pride

Rilla Fernandez

—Finding her passion
in art and typography

Vanessa Baez

—Pushing to become
the best version of herself

Sue Ahn

—Passionate about youth leadership,
our education system and creative arts

Stacey Callahan

—Excited to explore
and photograph the country

Vivien Francombe

—Realizing that 'Happiness is not
a destination but a state of being'

Stephanie Menard

—Passion, to me, is the depth of emotion