Peace Foundation

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

The Peace Foundation focuses its efforts on empowering Canadians to chase their passion by providing the support and resources necessary to do so.

We are proudly Canadian and it is our responsibility to leave a positive impact on the country we love. This is why we show that love by giving back to those who need it most. The ability to pursue one's passion is so essential, we hope by providing those in need with the support and supplies necessary, they will one day have the opportunity to do the same. It comes full circle; in chasing our passions we are making it possible for someone to one day do the same.

The Ways We Give

The Ways We Give

With your purchases and our partners the Peace Foundation helps provide healthy meals to children in need across Canada.


We focus majority of our philanthropic efforts into a one-for-one model, meaning each donation method corresponds directly to a Canadian in need.


Breakfast for Learning

With the purchase of every Peace Collective garment $4 is donated to Breakfast for Learning, which provides a Canadian child in need with two healthy meals and a snack while at school.

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Our core Peace Collective team takes time away from the office to go out and volunteer on a monthly basis in order to maintain an interactive role in our local community. These volunteer experiences reinforce our commitment to community, charity and the city of Toronto.

Thoughtful Partnerships

Thoughtful Partnerships

We work with various organizations that all share in our mission and values, supporting fellow Canadians