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List of Charities and Organizations we have worked with

Breakfast for Learning

Breakfast for Learning is committed to helping children across Canada realize their full potential in life by ensuring they attend school well nourished and ready to learn. Supporting thousands of schools in every province and territory across Canada to start and sustain successful nutritional programs. Breakfast for Learning has helped 3.8 million children enjoy over 594 million healthy meals and snacks since 1992. For more information please visit Breakfast For Learning


WoodGreen is one of the leading social service agencies in Toronto that runs multiple community programs which serves 37,000 people each year. These programs are dedicated to helping those in need with the resources to find a new place to live, work, receive child care, provide after school programs, and assist newcomers settle into Canadian life, all to encourage a successful future. For more information on the amazing work that WoodGreen does visit WoodGreen

The Yonge Street Mission

The Yonge Street Mission provides various programs to assist those living in poverty throughout Toronto. Supporting individuals by responding to their basic human needs so they are able to reach their full potential and improve their lives. Volunteers throughout the community donate their time to contribute to the various programs in need. To learn more about the variety of programs offered visit The Yonge Street Mission