Peace Community: Sue Ahn

Written By:
John Molina

Hi my name is Sue Ahn and this is #MyCanada

I was born in South Korea but was raised in Winnipeg. I come from a family of all girls so my parents taught us to be independent, career-driven, and free-thinkers. I think my parents have been feminist and hipster even before it became a "thing" and probably are not even familiar with these terms. I've always had a lot of dreams growing up. I'm the creative one in the family, the rebellious one, and a bit of a black sheep. My family is very pragmatic, so growing up I had to fight my idealistic urges and what would be considered "responsible" until I eventually learned to listen to my internal desires, and all. 

Last year I finally moved (back) to Toronto when I finished my uni degree - which took forever to complete because I took a very unorthodox approach to my post-secondary education. I've since been living my life the way I've always wanted to and feeling truly blessed and happy. I take a "yolo" approach to everything I do, considering every success and failure as an experience to be gained, always looking to do MORE, and living a life of gratitude.

I'm particularly passionate about youth leadership, our education system, and creative arts as well. I like to surround myself with other equally ambitious individuals who provide a diverse perspective on life.

Since I moved back to Toronto I've paved my own career path (getting promoted and creating my new job description myself), started getting back into my dance passion, playing soccer, and meeting new people as well as reconnecting with old friends. I'm now trying to figure out if I want to take social enterprising as my next step, or stay in the corporate world and make my impact there. (After all I think we need some socially conscious and passionate people in the privatized sector as well.) I'm also considering picking up French again and starting up a personal "lifestyle" blog. I've also been taking eve classes at George Brown as I'm considering getting my training certification as well.