Peace Community: Kristina Elen

Hi my name is Kristina Elen and this is #MyCanada story.

I am 34 year psychology college professor and mother of 2 kids (4 and 18 months) with one on the way. I am married to the love of my life, who definitely has provided me perspective on life, as he grew up very differently from how I was raised. I believe together, we have a well rounded view of what Canada is and can be.

My passion is multi-faceted. It has its roots in my commitment to family, ensuring they are being provided sufficient care and love in whatever means necessary. It is grounded and solidified with a passion for teaching. I understand that people come in rainbow array of abilities, mindsets, ethnicities, cultures and demographics. This paves the way for a style of (what I deem to be) forward teaching that makes an attempt to not only instruct, but instil meaningful learning that is accomplished by connecting to what students feel is relevant to their lives. I work hard not only to project curriculum, but also showcase ideas in a way to reveal I am different. My passion then branches out to how I can take my gifts and abilities to the world, and touch a life in any way I can. It then comes full circle as I hope to instil my drive to my children, who will in turn become productive members of society.

I am not saying I am the best mother, wife or teacher. I choose to breastfeed, vote, teach and indulge in the Kardashians and HGTV. #My Canada gives me choice and the freedom to speak my mind about it all. I understand that people will not agree with my lifestyle choices, but that's what makes #MyCanada magnificent. #MyCanada has provided me with opportunity to meet people who have contributed to my passions and help me grow and learn every day. It takes the form of the diverse people in my neighbourhood and an the array of those I interact with online. #MyCanada has blessed me with a man who helped me create my 3 passions.